Deveron UAS provides full service drone data solutions that allows farmers to do what they love best - farm

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Deveron UAS Corp. (CSE: DVR) (“Deveron” or the “Company”) is a Transport Canada compliant enterprise drone data company that specializes in providing imagery services to the agriculture industry. The Company has captured significant market share since conducting its first flight in 2015.

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Corn and Soybean Digest : 6 Ways to Minimize Soil Compaction During Harvest

As growers across Ontario continue with corn and soybean harvest, Corn and Soybean Digest has some valuable reminders to reduce soil  damage from compaction. See below for the bullet points, or click here for the full text.

1. Dedicated travel lanesAvoid unloading from the combine on-the-go.

2. Don’t run at full capacity. Keep axle loads as low as possible when harvesting at the far ends of your fields.

3. Tire size and inflation pressure. The larger the tire and lower the pressure, the better the flotation.

4. Concentrate non-harvest activities near field’s exit. Concentrate traffic to the field exit to prevent the spread of compaction throughout the field.

5. Harvest around the wettest areas. The risk of soil and equipment damage, in addition to delayed harvest, is not worth the time you may save.

6. Avoid or minimize tillage. Wet soils will smear and crust following tillage so best to avoid until drier conditions prevail.