Deveron UAS provides full service drone data solutions that allows farmers to do what they love best - farm

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Deveron UAS Corp. (CSE: DVR) (“Deveron” or the “Company”) is a Transport Canada compliant enterprise drone data company that specializes in providing imagery services to the agriculture industry. The Company has captured significant market share since conducting its first flight in 2015.

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Amazon Primed for Delivery Drones

Amazon recently announced further developments to its drone delivery product to great fan fare and we think rightfully so.  The challenges faced with drone delivery are going to require a company with a network of customers who could quickly benefit from this service, a lot of money to get it up and launched and an exceptional amount of logistics management!  As a company focused on providing UAS services, it is great to see global leaders tackling these kinds of challenges as it will benefit everyone tied into drones.  

Link to the full video here.  

Tech Crunch provided some interesting commentary that we also enjoyed.  PR move or not, drone delivery clearly faces a number of challenges and considering that Amazon first started talking about it back in 2013, one has to wonder how close they are coming to delivering a market ready product.  The FAA in the US clearly presents some challenges with even Amazon testing in Canada. Being Canadian, we are a bit selfishly excited about these barriers as we feel it provides an opportunity for us to get a leg up and perfect the model in an ecosystem not as constrained as a US operator would be.  

We still may be years away from delivery drones, but the prospects are definitely encouraging.  There has been a significant amount of excitement behind other delivery services that seem to be tapping into the “shared economy.”  With the likes of Door Dash said to be in talks of raising money at $1 billion valuation, maybe there will be a continual trend of improving the way goods are delivered!