Deveron UAS provides full service drone data solutions that allows farmers to do what they love best - farm

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Deveron UAS Corp. (CSE: DVR) (“Deveron” or the “Company”) is a Transport Canada compliant enterprise drone data company that specializes in providing imagery services to the agriculture industry. The Company has captured significant market share since conducting its first flight in 2015.

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FAA Releases UAS Registration Rules

For people in UAS circles, this week’s announcement from the FAA regarding registration rules for hobbyists was closely watched.  If you missed the official press release, you can find it here:

Press Release – FAA Announces Small UAS Registration Rule

Most enterprise users are likely looking to the FAA for guidance on how they will be able to manage their service based business in 2016 and if the 333 exemption rules will still be the mandate.  It would appear with the news from this week, that the FAA is moving toward a similar registration process for commercial users that is slated to roll out March 31, 2016.  A good summary of the rule changes here:

FAA Releases Rule on UAS Registration Requirements

Not that any of this directly impacts Canadian based UAV companies at the moment, but those with growth plans to crack the lucrative US market will be taking note.  An eventual streamlined process system for registration may be something Transport Canada would like to look at too.  As the industry continues to expand, the SFOC application process will need to be streamlined to keep up with the growing business demand.  Responsible operators will need a reliable regulatory process that is efficient and can deal with multiple applications as a company’s fleet grows.