On-Demand Data and Insights for Agriculture


Deveron is a leading full-service on demand data company operating in Canada and the United States. We can provide farmers or growers with both on demand drone and soil sampling services along with analytics to help you increase yields through our subsidiary Veritas Farm Management.

Our goal is to help farmers make data-enabled decisions that will increase the productivity and efficiency in their farming process. As farmers ourselves, we know that every field is different, and we are here to help you measure that variability.


Deveron is a leading agriculture technology company focused on data acquisition and analysis that helps farmers reduce costs and increase yields. The company has positioned itself for exponential growth in the North American market through partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and analytics software that help take the guess work out of farming. Deveron emphasizes transparency and a focus on building shareholder value.

Our Products & Services

  • On-Demand Soil

    On-Demand Soil allows you to get all the soil data that you need to increase your yields (more)

  • Data insights

    Our insights team can help you look at the data and make the best decisions to improve your yields (more)

  • On-Demand Drone

    On-Demand Drones allows you to get all the aerial data you need to increase yields On-Demand Drone (more)